New Member Joining Process

We have spent a lot of time trying to ensure that all new members are taken through the same process and interviewed for membership to the same standard. The idea is to make sure that all new members understand the ethos of the club and are genuinely prepared to take part in club activities and undertake their fair share of work on behalf of the club. Here is a copy of our New Member joining process.

If you introduce a new member, you will be expected to attend the introductory interview where you will be accompanied by at least 3 members of the current committee. To make sure that everyone gets the same kind of interview, please ensure you follow the New Member Interview checklist which contains topics and questions to discuss during the interview.

Before you attend a new member interview, the Lead Interviewer should print-off a copy of the following documents and web pages:

Interviews should be arranged a week before each committee meeting or the last Wednesday of each month at 19:00 in the Clubroom. The following table gives the names of those allocated to do interviews for each date.

Please note: If you are unable to do the date allocated to you, please find a suitable committee member to swap with.

Interview Rota

Interview DateLead InterviewerInterviewer 2Interviewer 3
8/1/24Graham StoneRay HallettMike Harvey
28/2/24Graham StonePeter BadhamTim Pressey
27/3/24Graham StoneMike HarveyKaren James
24/4/24Karen JamesGraham TraceyPaul Hippolite
29/5/24Karen JamesPaul HippoliteMick Hockin
26/6/24Karen JamesMick HockinRichard Davis
28/8/24Karen JamesRichard DavisAdam James
25/9/24Karen JamesAdam JamesPeter Ball
30/10/24Karen JamesPeter BallJon Knott
27/11/24Karen JamesJon KnottRay Hallett
*No committee meeting in August so no interviews in July

After the interview, a discussion is had at the first available (e.g. next) committee meeting regarding the new member. Those attending the meeting then make their recommendation as to whether to accept or reject the new member application.

Once the committee have decided to accept them, and assuming the applicant still want to join after the “cooling off” period, they will also need to be sent the New Member Welcome Pack. This explains what can be found in this Members’ Area but also explains the use of Webcollect, etc. This is sent to successful New Members ONLY AFTER they’ve been accepted by the Committee.

In addition to emailing the Welcome Pack, the following steps in Webcollect need to be taken:

  • Add all available information about the new member into Webcollect from their application form
  • Send the bill for Joining Fee
  • Send the bill for the type of membership they require
  • …and then when payment has been received…
  • Select Authorise Now to activate their Account
  • Click Send Permanent Password
  • Add the new member to the AllMembers mailing list

This completes the New Member Joining process.