15th October 2021

Committee Members

RoleName Photo
CommodorePeter Ball
Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore House

Sub-committee members
Richard Davis

Bob Spendley, Tim Pressey and all flag officers
PresidentTony Cole
Rear Commodore Sailing

Sailing sub committee

Race box team
John Barnes

Todd Taylor, Guy Shelbourne, Susan Garlic
Joseph Moore, David Casson.
As above plus – Sue Clark, Mike Pallet.
Rear Commodore Social

Sub-committee members
Daniel Wirdham

Richard Davis, Judy Brachi, Pati Urry, Lisa Guy
Rear Commodore Stores

Sub-committee members

John Urry

Dave Casson, Paul Denham, Peter Ball, Richard Davis
Rear Commodore Motorboat & FishingRay Hallett
Hon TreasurerDave Casson
Hon Secretary and WebmasterGraham Stone
Health & SafetyJon Knott
General Committee MembersPaul Hippolite
Tim Pressey
Bob Spendley
Mike Harvey