6th July 2017


How To Join

Membership form  download (7th May 2021)

Contact the Membership Secretary (admin@eastcowessc.co.uk or +44(0)1983 293087) to progress your application.

Potential new members should check out the rules, bye-laws, policies and duty board lower down the page.

Subscriptions and Entrance Fees (2020)

Membership Type Subscription Entrance Fee
Individual Member £56-00 £25.00
Dual Members (Partners living at the same address). £82-00 £25.00
Reduced rate if both partners are over 65 years of age. £72-00 £25.00
Family (with children under 18 years). State number of children. £102-00 £25.00
Junior Member (under 18 years of age). £25-00 £15-00
Senior Member (65 years and over). £41-00 £25-00
Electronic Gate Access Fob. One key fob per member. £8-00 each
Opt-out of the requirement to contribute 10 hours to the Club. £75

Rules, Bye-laws, Policy Statements and Duty Board.

Club Rules – download

Hammerhead Bye-laws – download

Centenary Room Bye-laws – download

Selling or Otherwise Disposing of Craft from Club Premises Bye-law – download

Use of Gridiron/Concrete Pad or Slipway for Scrubbing and/or Repairs Bye-law – download

Storage and Moorings Policy and Conditions – download

Health and Safety Policy – download

Connection to Power Supply Policy – download

Data Protection Policy – download

Equality Statement – download

Duty Board – download

Certificate of Employer’s Liability – download

Safe Use of Tools and Club Equipment – download

Club Merchandise

Club Ties – £12.00
Club Burgees (small) – £11.00
Club Burgees (large) – £13.00
Headgear – £10.00

East Cowes Sailing Club 1912-2012 – £15