Rallies proposed for 2024

Rallys for 2024, see below

Note that all of the venues listed have been provisionally booked for 6 or more boats. For Lymington. which gets booked up early a email has already been sent out. For all other rallies a flyer will be sent out and listed on this site a month before the rally date to ask who is interested. I will up date this page for changes.

See Lymington town Quay Rally 2024

Rally Lymington 2023 – East Cowes Sailing Club (eastcowessc.co.uk)

All 2024 Rallies

Rallys 2024 v a – East Cowes Sailing Club (eastcowessc.co.uk)

Write up for Gins Farm Rally

Next Rally Marchwood sc 14/15 June 2024