Committee Matters

Club Officials 2024

  • President (Tony Cole)
  • Vice Presidents (Alan Abrook, Dave Casson, Paul Denham)
  • Commodore (Peter Ball)
  • Vice Commodore House (Richard Davis)
  • Rear Commodore Social (Pete Badham)
  • Rear Commodore Sailing (John Barnes)
  • Rear Commodore Stores (Bob Spendley)
  • Treasurer (John Urry)
  • Rear Commodore Motor Boats and Fishing (Mike Harvey)
  • Health and Safety (Jon Knott)
  • Honorary Treasurer (Chris Kershaw)
  • Membership Secretary (Karen James)
  • Webmaster (Graham Stone)
  • General Committee Members (Paul Hippolite, Adam James, Mick Hockin and Graham Tracey).

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  • Rebecca Buchanan
  • Alan Blenkinsopp
  • Graham Tracey

Commodore’s and General Committee Documents, Roles & Responsibilities

We are in the process of updating the Roles and Responsibilities of the committee.  This is the first time for many years that this has been attempted and is still a work in progress.  Feel free to review the latest version of Committee Roles & Responsibilities here. If you have any queries, do let us know.

Risk Assessment

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