How to Check for Unpaid Subscriptions

Webcollect doesn’t make it easy to get a simple list of those members who had a subscription for the current year but haven’t yet renewed the same subscription for next year. In order to do this, there are multiple steps necessary using subscription filters, member filters and subtracting one list from another.

Here are the steps you have to take:

  1. From the Quick Nav box or Admin Home screen, click on Subscriptions.
  2. Select only those subscriptions you are interested in e.g. for membership subscriptions, only check Individual, Senior Membership, Dual Membership, Senior Dual Membership, Junior Membership and Family Membership. Leave all other subscriptions unchecked.
  3. Next, in the Date box, click on Show Current but change the year number to the following year i.e. if current year is 2023 change it to 2024 (leave the day and month unchanged – they don’t matter).
  4. In the Most recent payment class box, either leave all checked or select those you want e.g. Cheque
  5. Now click Filter.
  6. This gives you a list of all those who HAVE paid for next year. We need to keep this list of members. We do this by clicking on Show members next to the label Choose action (depending on the browser you are using, you may need to double click to do this). If you do this, you will leave the Subscription page and you’ll find yourself on the Members page with a lot of red text at the top of the page. In the red text, note the number of members selected from the previous screen (write this down).
  7. To the right of all the red text is a box labelled Show me. Click the radio button labelled single managing member per subscription. This restricts the resultant list to only admins for each dual and family membership rather than both partners and kids in the family. Leave all fields in all boxes blank or set to don’t care.
  8. We now need to add these members to a list called Members PAID next year. If you haven’t already done it, this list needs to be emptied before we all the members just select into it. To do this, either use the Quick Nav box on the left of the screen and click on Lists or, if you can’t see this, click on Admin Home and then click on Lists.
  9. On the Lists page, click on Manage or Send next to the list Members NOT PAID next year. From the List screen, in the Set Member box, click on 1000 per page to make sure you can see all members. Now click on the checkbox next to the word Member to select everyone in the list. Before continuing, you will need to deselect the Creator of the list by looking down in the Role in list column. So when everyone except the Creator is selected, now click on Remove from list. You should now have an empty list all bar the Creator of the list.
  10. Now return to the Members page (either by using the Quick Nav box or Admin Home and then Members). The Members you previously created will still be there. We now need to add these members to the newly emptied List called Members PAID next year.
  11. Scroll down the page to the list of member details in table towards the bottom of the page and find the box labelled Add to list… just above the Email column. Click on Add to list… and be careful to select the list called Members PAID next year. A dialog box will popup asking you if you are sure. It too will show you the number of members you are going to add to the list – make sure it’s the same number you wrote down earlier (NB it might be one less the the earlier total because it won’t add the Creator of the list). Click OK.
  12. Now return to the Subscription screen (again by either using the Quick Nav box or Admin Home and Subscriptions. Scroll down to the Date box and now click on the Show current link. This changes the dates shown from next years date to this year i.e. 2024 to 2023.
  13. Leave everything else unchanged and click on the Filter button. This gives you a complete list of all members who have subscriptions for the current year including those who have already paid for next year. We now need to subtract those who have paid from from the total list to leave those who haven’t paid.
  14. Scroll down to the table of members and again, next to choose action, click on Show members For these subscriptions just as you did before. Again, this takes you to the Members page with red writing at the top. Make a note of the member of members now selected. This is the total number of members with subscriptions for the current year. We now need to subtract from this list those members who have already paid for next year.
  15. At the top of the Members screen in the top box labelled Filter by member details, click on the List Membership filter (that may currently say “don’t care”) and select NOT ON Members PAID next year. Be careful to select the correct option here – it’s easy to hit the wrong one! Now click on the blue button labelled Filter. This removes the members who have paid for next year from the total list of members who have paid for the current year. This is the final list of names you need.
  16. To keep this list of members who have NOT paid for next year, we again need to add them to a list. This is done the same way we did it before: Scroll down to the table of member name and, above the field labelled Email, click on the Add to list… dropdown and select Members NOT PAID next year.
  17. And that’s it! You now have 2 lists: Members PAID for next year and Members NOT PAID for next year (it is worth checking that the numbers of members in each list adds up to the total number of subscription by reference to the numbers you wrote down earlier). From here you can either monitor the rate members pay (by repeating this process from scratch each time) or, if you wish, email those who haven’t paid reminding them that subscriptions are due shortly.
  18. To email everyone who has yet to pay there are two ways to do it: From the Members page you are currently on go to boxes to the right of choose action and select either Email… then select a Create new draft to start a new email from scratch or a pre-prepared email or choose Send… and pick a Prepared email or Renewal email.

If you have any difficulty doing any of this, please contact Admin or the Webmaster.