AGM: New Committee elected

Firstly, thanks to all those members who took the time to attend the AGM last night; your presence and contributions were very much appreciated.

Whilst most of the committee posts were uncontested (same people re-elected unopposed), there were a few changes: Ray Hallett stepped down as RC Motorboats and Fishing to be replaced by Mike Harvey. Ray was then elected onto the general committee effectively replacing Mike (confused? you will be!). Secondly, we have a new general committee member in Graham Tracey. He replaces Bob Spendley who has spent many years working on behalf of the club. We wish Bob a well-deserved break! Click here for details of the current committee.

The other significant outcomes from the AGM were a number of rule changes. We will detail each of these in separate posts but, for the meantime, the most significant of these rule changes was (for this year initially) the abandonment of the requirement for members to do 10 hrs voluntary duty hours on behalf of the club. This also means that if you have already paid your £75 duty waiver, you will be receiving a refund. However, this doesn’t mean that we no longer need members’ help maintaining the club – your help will still be required. We continue to improve the way we define and organise maintenance work all of which is being managed by VC House, Richard Davis. We also have a new page on the website with all the current jobs and the contact details of those managing them (each building or area of the club now has a designated “manager” who looks after jobs associated with the facility. Please take a look at it!

Watch this space for details of rule changes arising from the AGM coming soon.