Improving Club Maintenance

If you’ve been into the Club recently, you will have noticed that the work on the Central Store is almost complete with the building now having all new supporting legs! This has taken a lot of effort by Club members who have completed the work in their own time at no additional cost to the Club. Whilst this has saved the Club a great deal of money it was done at the cost of many individual members’ personal time and involved no remuneration to them from the Club at all.

So how can you contribute to the maintenance of the club? How can you use your 10 hrs voluntary work in the most constructive way?

We have made the description of the jobs that need doing clearer and more detailed. We have also added the names and contact details of those club/committee members who are over-seeing certain jobs or groups of jobs. This information is available here in the Members Area but also on whiteboards in the Central Store (one near the stairs close to the blue doors and one on the Bosun’s Store).

Remember, the voluntary duty hours year runs from 1st November to 31st October so we are already 3 months into the duty year and counting…

Look out for the new, big, red & white buttons on the Home Page and in the Members Area!