News from Peter


Thank you to everyone that attended it was lovely to see you all.

thank you to Patty and John Urry for organising it all.

At the Soire’e its my duty to award the Bobby Lowein Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Club.

Due to restrictions last year the trophy wasn’t awarded so I decided to awarded it twice this year.

The first worthy recipient was Chris Kershaw for all the works he has carried out during his post as secretary for the club. Chris constantly took on much more than his role asked for to keep things in order. His efforts I felt needed recognising. Very well deserved Chris and thank you again.

Secondly Richard Davis was the worthy recipient for all he has done. He tirelessly works in the club not only on maintenance but always helping out anyone that needs help or guidance with a big smile and a can do attitude.

Again very well deserved Richard and thank you.

Finally I had the pleasure of awarding “The Dropped Rowlock Award” This is awarded to the individual who has singlehandedly produced the biggest Faux pas!

This individual popped into the clubhouse one day and to his delight noticed that the Wednesday Club had left a piece of French Stick and some butter. Happy Days he thought I’m a bit hungry, so the bread was buttered a cup a soup found and a very nice snack was enjoyed. As he sat back contemplating how fortunate he had been another member walked in said hello and walked around to the kitchen area.

“You haven’t seen my lunch have you?” He asked!

He had just eaten it !!!!!!!!!!

So again the worthy recipient was Richard Davis well done.


Big thank you to Dave Casson & Paul Denham for replacing the Emergency Lighting as it all failed its yearly test that was carried out by Wight Fire.


Hi all, just another update on some of the works that have been carried out by the members over the past few weeks.
The club has been a hive of activity which has been lovely to see.
Big thank you to Ray, Maurice ( Think Iv spelt your name right sorry if not ) and Tim for installing the stainless steel strip along the slipway to stop the cradles from sticking in the uneven concrete.

Thanks to Dave for installing the new post box on the gates as it was in the old windows before.

Thank you to the Wednesday Club for painting around the windows in the toilet block to make that clean and tidy.
Plus the redecking of the finger pontoons.

The club really has started to look tidy and it’s lovely to see so many people mucking in and having a laugh all your efforts are very much appreciated by the committee.

Well done everyone.

Peter Ball