Thursday Nights – Mid Summer Series Update

An update as we approach our next Mid Summer Series. The Sailing Committee has decided for this Series to revert to two starts, Class 1 will start at 18.35 and Class 2 will start at 18.40. We now have 17 boats entered for Class 1 and 10 for Class 2, so we wish to avoid congestion on the line. Therefore the start of Class 1 is also the Warning Signal for Class 2.

We have acquired another mast which we will use to fly the Shorten Course Flag, followed by Numeral 1 and 2, as necessary. This should help where an approaching boat hears sound signals over the radio and is not sure if we are shortening course or finishing other boats. We have acquired some powerful LED lights and hope to install shortly together with other improvements.

A couple of reminders, if you retire for any reasons can you radio the Race Line to confirm retirement, avoid the Race Team thinking they have lost a boat.

Secondly, Course cards can be downloaded from the Club website, if you have a wet boat as our J80 was, then encapsulate the card. Having the course listed helps as a reminder when you are halfway round the course and you cannot remember the next mark.

Finally, from the Race Box the starts now look impressive, with all the boats together on the line and very few stragglers. Remember, he who starts last finishes last, so get a good start.

John – RC Sailing