Dear Members,

Firstly I would like to apologise for my delay in getting the report out for our first CCYC and ECSC combined event.

The evening was a huge success enjoyed by all who attended.

Approximately 50 people turned up combined from both our club an CCYC and from my own point of view and others who attended the atmosphere was described as almost certainly the best we have achieved within the social setting thus far.

There were a total of 12 teams with some challenging questions put together by Craig and Emma Dymock from CCYC/ECSC who were also 2 of the members of the winning team at our first quiz night of the year.

Plenty of drink was consumed throughout the evening and a very affordable meal was put together by Kevin (Head Chef @ CCYC) to soak the edge up at just £5 per person.

You will all be very pleased to hear that MAID BY THE SEA from ECSC were the winning team taking away 4 bottles of wine.

The evening was fantastic and as the year goes on we can already foresee numbers of members attending social events will only flourish.

Kindest Rgards

Dan Wirdnam

Rear Commodore (Social)