Bucklers Hard Rally Report

Despite the dodgy forecast and cold weather, the rally went ahead with five boats planned and one last minute entry from Hardway (Crazee B)

Three yachts from Cowes Corinthians attended, one person in Trileen, three people in 38 foot Salamanda and two people in Parallel Universe. Two motor boats from East Cowes sailing club went, Puffin and Kaikoura.

The weather was cold, but sunny we woke up with a hard frost on Sunday morning, so boat heaters were essential.

Lunchtime drinks on Saturday were offered on Salamanda, and most of us met up for a great meal at the Master builders Hotel. The food was Lucious, despite the cost.

Most boats departed before 11 a.m on Sunday, with the exception of Salamanda, who decided to continue on to Yarmouth.

One thing I have learnt from this is to make sure you book up the Master builders and not the Yactsmans bar, as the latter does not provide food.

The next rally is planned for May 14th/15th visit to Seaview sailing club.

Mike Harvey

Trilleen and Parallel Universe

Crazee Band Salamanda

Puffin and Kaikoura

Sitting down for dinner at the Master Builders

A cold frosty Sunday morning.