Seaview Rally Report

14th May 2022

What a great day out!  Three boats left ECSC about 10.30 am, Mike in Kaikoura, Paul and Mick in Monty Don and Bob, Judy and Dan in Whisky Galore. Cruising along about 7 knots against a tide, we met up with Richard in Puffin off one of the forts, who sadly lost his anchor when fishing earlier.  The weather was perfect with sunshine and a light wind. On approaching Seaview Yacht Club, around 11.45 am, we called Sea view Yacht  Club on VHF channel M2 and their the rib came out to us and showed us where our moorings were. (£20 each boat which also included the trips back and forth to the landing stage). He took all seven of us back to the Yacht club where we had a couple of drinks before lunch. On arriving I met up with Zoe Harrison who organised the lunch and had specially laid out our table. Also, Dan met up with his sister and family.  Three yachts, Exuma, Klaris and Little Nick arrived about 1 pm to join us.

In the end there were 15, including Paul and Karen and family, who arrived by car. Lunch was great, most of us had Haddock and Chips and burgers, the food was excellent and very good value.  Some of us had pudding and coffee and I can recommend the Lemon Posset. Richard went back to his boat early for a sleep and to watch Columbo on TV.  Most of us returned to our boats by about 4.15 pm. We were asked by the host if any of the group were staying for evening meal, but we all decided to go back home to East Cowes as the weather forecast was thunderstorms. In all everybody enjoyed the trip and we have been invited back again, so we must have behaved ourselves!

The next Rally is to the Hardway in Gosport on June 25th /26th. A flyer will be circulated soon. 

Mike Harvey

Bob and Judys boat, Whisky Galore

Richard in Puffin

Paul and Mick in Monty Don

Mike in Kaikoura

Hanging on to SVYC rib on the way to SVYC

Eating at SYYC