1st April 2022

Accessing our WebCams

The club is planning to upgrade both our security cameras and webcams. These will be high quality cameras with night vision and zoom facilities (but no sound). However, this will not happen until we have a clearer understanding of the cost of repairing the central store. In the meantime, here’s how to access the 2 webcams we currently have.

Setup instructions for viewing video stream from ECSC webcams

There are two IP cameras fixed to the end of the Clubhouse looking over the moorings and river.  They can be accessed on a mobile phone or PC using Wifi or Data from anywhere in the world! Phone relatively simple, PC more complicated.

To access the cameras you will need to download the XMEye or XMEye Pro app on your mobile. When installed you will need to input user name (ECSC) and password (ECSC47210) when you are logged in you will see two cameras which should be named ECSC moorings north and ECSC moorings south, when you tap on one you will be asked for a user name and password, user name is admin, password is ECSC47210 when the video stream appears you can zoom in using your fingers as normal on a modern mobile.

These apps can be used on a PC but like any other mobile app you would have to download BlueStacks or similar to simulate a mobile phone on your PC. You would then access Google Play Store within Blue Stacks and download XMEye Pro (recommend) or XMEye and then camhipro When downloaded, log in is the same as for a mobile. I have used with Blue Stacks, XMEye Pro, camhipro and I am able to log in to all three cameras separately and display full screen on my PC but I was not able to zoom in like on my phone screen. It is not quite as straight forward as on a phone but does work.

If you have any difficulties, please contact the webmaster.